1. Do I have to use EPPM on the cloud or can I use P6 Pro?

You can use either, or both. We should discuss your near term requirements and long term goals to start out with the right environment.

2. Can I use any other scheduling tools such as Asta?

Yes. We have clients that run P6, Asta, Phoenix and MS Project in our P6 Cloud environment. Often times there’s no additional charge for doing this.

3. What if I do not have an internet connection, can I work offline?

Yes, with P6 Pro. You can backup your project files to your local machine and then load and use them on a local installation of P6 Pro.

4. Do I need separate P6 licenses to work in the server and offline?

Usually, you do not. The Oracle Application User License allows you (the application user) to use your Oracle software to conduct business from any location. The same license could allow you to work in our P6 Cloud, your local laptop or your client’s P6 network.

5. Do I need a P6 license if I only upload or access documents?

Not necessarily. If you are not uploading through or linking to P6 data you could directly access the document server without a P6 license.

6. Can some of the team use EPPM (web) and the schedulers use P6 Pro?

Yes. In this case we deploy both P6 EPPM and P6 Pro in our Cloud environment linked to the same P6 EPPM database.

7. How do I print reports and graphics from a P6 Pro “cloud”?

P6 Pro has built in reports that can be printed to a local printer. We just need to know what local printers you will be using so that we can install the printer drivers in our Cloud.

8. Can I run P6 Pro “cloud” on a mobile device?

While this is technically possible using remote access apps such as “Jump” we don’t usually recommend running the full P6 Pro application on anything less than a powerful PC. Oracle does have apps that run on tablets and smartphones that directly access P6 EPPM.

9. Can I run P6 Team Member with P6 Pro?

Team Member requires the deployment P6 EPPM and web services so P6 Pro would need to be deployed as part of a P6 EPPM environment to support using Team Member.

10. Do I pay based on monthly usage?

No. We base pricing on “Tier’s” of users. Example, P6 Pro Tier 1 supports up to 5 users. You can start out with 2-3 users will not have to move to the next Tier (Tier 2, up to 25 users) until you exceed Tier 1 by 10% (6 users). We do this because we deploy a dedicated, secure environment for each customer. There are no shared databases in our “cloud” so we design our hardware configuration (and your price) to reflect your anticipated total number of users. This also provides you with flexibility (you can add and subtract users within the Tier) and a predictable monthly cost.

11. Do I need to provide licenses for external consultants if they have their own P6 Pro licenses?

No. Under the Oracle Application User license, the licensed user can use the P6 software on their own or others deployments as long as it’s always used by the same individual “application user”. The “application user” must be an individual and can not be a group of users.

12. Can the P6 Pro “cloud” environment integrate with my other systems used on projects?

Yes. There are a number of very secure ways to accomplish that. We offer that additional service on a case by case basis.

13. Can I use DropBox or Box.com as my document repository?

Yes. We can configure the cloud environment to point to a different location for storing documents.

14. What’s the minimum commitment for a P6 Pro “Cloud” environment?

Normally it’s 12 months. There’s an initial setup fee that gets credited back to the first invoice of your second year of hosting. We do have some demonstration environments that we’ve made available for short term proof of concepts. Contact us for case by case arrangements and licensing issues.

15. How much storage space do I get?

We provide 250GB of server (database and attachments) storage as part of our basic Tier based pricing. Additional storage can be made available if needed.

16. What if I have multiple P6 databases?

Usually not an issue. Many clients maintain at least a test and production database. We encourage our contractor clients to consider separate databases for each major project to better protect their interests should claims/discovery issues arise on their project. We do not usually charge additional for multiple databases unless there will be more than 10 active databases.

17. Do I have to use Oracle or MS SQL in a P6 Pro “Cloud”

This is your choice. Because the system is deployed external to your environment, and the fact that P6 xer and xml project backups easily export/import between Oracle and MS SQL databases, this is not an issue. If you plan to bring the system internally at some point in the future or plan to integrate P6 with an internal data source, then you should ask that your particular database preference be used in our cloud environment.

18. Is there a “light” version of P6 that managers or team members can use to access schedule information?

P6 EPPM’s web interface can be configured to limit what parts can be accessed by users to provide a simpler and more controlled environment. P6 Team Member is also a simpler to use interface for non-schedulers. Some General Contractor clients have deployed their P6 Pro scheduling process within a P6 EPPM environment to be able to provide easier to use web tools including Team Member to their internal and external project teams.

19. Can I run schedule comparison or analysis software in my P6 Pro “Cloud”?

Yes. We routinely load Acumen Fuse and Scheduler Analyzer as well as Primavera or Acumen Risk in our P6 Pro cloud environment.

20. Can the P6 Pro “Cloud” integrate with my Contract Management or Unifier system?

Yes but some functionality may require P6 Pro to be deployed in a P6 EPPM environment to get full use of built in integration.

21. What happens when a project is complete?

You can back up your projects to xer or xml file offline to archive for future reference. If you want the entire database or data set (including attachments), these can be provided on a CD for you to deploy yourself.

22. What happens if I don’t want to use the P6 Pro “Cloud” anymore?

At any point, you request the most current backup of your database (done nightly), load your P6 software somewhere else and install the database and continue to use your P6 data in your own environment. You can cancel at any time after the first 3 months with 30 days notice.